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Cooling Off TG Remake
Just another day doing my job. Driving around to deliver the goods to the small convenience stores all around. I personally didn’t like the job, but I managed to get by. It wasn’t difficult at least, just very boring. I heard a ring come from my car that was connected to my phone. I pressed the answer button on the steering wheel. “Lucas, you better get that shipment of popsicles to that 711 pronto or else your ass is fired!” What a great guy for conversation. He doesn’t even say ‘hello, how are you doing?’ or ‘goodbye’. Just a bunch of blah blah blah about do this and do that. Not a single shred of kindness whatsoever. Sort of ironic him saying to deliver popsicles fast enough or else I’m fired. You know, popsicles are cold while fired is…it is so hard to make a joke to myself. I just hope I get my pay and nothing is deducted.
Man…it’s so hot. The blazing sun in my field of vision on this scorching hot July
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 185 7
One Spider-Cider, Change Included
    Somewhere in a dark and dreary part of the Hotlands, a little bake sale was about to commence for the day.  It was an unusual place to hold one, not having much foot traffic through that area, but the people running the sale didn’t care.  To be fair, there weren’t many places for them to run the sale without people purposely trying to find a different way around it.
    Also to be very fair, the people in charge of the bake sale weren’t people.  They were more of the inhuman variety, like pretty much all the citizens of this world.  However, in particular, they were spiders.  Rather small and rather cute looking spiders.
    However, the one who led them all was quite bigger than the rest.  It was a female, humanoid looking individual called Muffet.  She had gray skin, black hair with an adorable bow in it, leg length black boots, and a cute red dress with puffy shoulders and another d
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 101 11
Mature content
Filling out TG BE PREG :iconmistress--phoenix:Mistress--Phoenix 143 5
Got To Get Into Shape TG (Wii Fit Trainer TG)
What a great day it is. Yep. Nothing beats getting your face dragged against the walls. The nice feeling of my flesh slowly tearing off really lets me know how wonderful life is at times. The feeling of having a big sweaty hand grab the back of my head as if he was trying to crush a golf ball.  I wish my brain can always feel this positive, but none of my thoughts were in that category. The snickering of low life’s who think their lives are so shit that the only option to make themselves feel better is to make others feel even worse.
“Hey guys! Someone is coming! We better get out of here!” I could only hear him, but I assumed he was the lookout in our little chat.
I felt the hand leave behind some sweat as it was detached from my scalp letting my face slowly drag down the wall onto the paved floor. I could hear the leader yell, “Smell ya later loser! Sorry about putting you on EDge!”
I could hear the laughter as it became fainter and fainter until I
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 197 27
Caveat Emptor TG
To say that James had virtually no real-life friends whatsoever could hardly be considered an overstatement.
His “life” and “hobbies” largely resembled those of any personal disappointment of a human being from among the younger generations growing up in the first two decades of the 21st century: video games, hentai, 4chan, reddit, literal 10-hour anime torrent marathons; seemingly no sense of personal responsibility, living with his parents instead of either moving out of the house or going to college at 18, a lousy part-time cashier job, mountains upon mountains of empty Doritos bags overflowing from the trash bin in his bedroom—the list goes on. If there was one lucky thing about him, it was that he was one of those people who, because of genetics or some other inconceivable sorcery, seemingly never got fat no matter what or how much he ate or how little he exercised—doubtlessly this fact was capable of doing relatively little to discourage his co
:icontehavidtypawrita444:TehAvidTypaWrita444 114 14
Mature content
Deep Blue Space (Mass Effect Tg) :iconstalwartwander:StalwartWander 131 6
Mature content
The Path to Change Is a Slow One: Shantae TG :icontrollskydoesminecraf:TrollSkyDoesMinecraf 38 4
Mature content
Plugsuit Fetishism: Asuka Langley Soryu :icondackers:dackers 24 2
Mature content
Nice Party, Huh? (Tharja TG, TF) :iconyougotbloodonmysuit:YouGotBloodOnMySuit 41 1
A Charm of Change: Anna TF/TG (Request)
Requested by Anonymous
“What do want, boss? I'm… busy right now!”
It doesn't seem like a good sign when a man has his boss call him for business matters when he's on vacation, but that's exactly what was happening to Allen as he walked across the boardwalk.
Not that his boss cared about his break, due to his failure to show he deserves one.
“Look, I'll… call you back, I really can't talk right now.”
And with two lies, Allen hung his phone up.
“Geez, he'll never get off my tail!”
It was always times like this that his boss had to call him. Never convenient at all.
Not that he could blame his boss too much. After all, Allen was a businessman who worked for him, and one of the worst working in the building. His boss didn't know why, but after a certain period of time Allen’s quality of work declined to the point where nowadays it would hardly even be acceptable for part-time!
For that sake, Allen wasn't entirely sure what was tarnishin
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 74 3
Paper Wishes (TG/AR/AP)
    “Don’t miss squirt!” Tiffany yelled as she bumped into Josh, causing him to over shoot his toothbrush.
    Josh mumbled to himself. This wasn’t the first time his older sister Tiffany had done that to him. It was one of her favorite tricks to pull on him. Josh had tried to retaliate multiple times, however, being 8 years younger, they rarely ended up successful. He had decided that the smarter approach was to do nothing and just be passive.
    He quickly put toothpaste on his toothbrush and began to brush his teeth. He took the moment to study himself in the mirror, watching the monotonous motion of his toothbrush go up and down. His eyes moved down to look at his shirt, a dark blue t-shirt with a race car on it. He had gotten it for his 10th birthday and it became his favorite shirt to wear. He also wore a pair of red shorts and sneakers, but those weren’t as special to him.
:iconnothingimportant341:nothingimportant341 110 11
Mature content
Tharja's Hexing Dance :iconbioyugi:BioYuGi 99 21
Playing Volleyball - TG, WG
Playing Volleyball [Male to Female Transformation, Female Weight Gain]
Coach Roberts walked slowly around the corner into the gym, squinting at the bright halogen lights as his eyes adjusted. The girls were already warming up, some serving back and forth across the net, others in a large circle practicing their sets. He felt their eyes on him as he greeted the assistant coach, Sherry. He glanced around the gym as Sherry handed him a clipboard, and he thought he could see apprehension in some of the eyes looking back at him.
He knew why. The volleyball team had suffered a crushing defeat the night before; their third straight loss, and everyone expected him to feel disappointed in them. He was disappointed, of course, but these girls already felt badly enough. They'd practiced. They'd done what he'd told them. They'd played their best. And yet they'd still lost.
And they were such a committed team. For most of them, volleyball was their thing; what they talked about together in t
:iconblankage:Blankage 213 12
TG Caption [Series] [Part 1] Your new life! by NoirForm TG Caption [Series] [Part 1] Your new life! :iconnoirform:NoirForm 298 17
The Missing Tights (TG, AR, AP)
“If your daddy objects to you taking ballet,” Miss Valerie told her young disciple, “I'll have to invite him to dance along with us.” It seemed that her plan was working. Mr. Sales pulled up outside the dance school just in time for tea. His thin face was creased and furrowed. He wore a sweater vest that showed no signs of wear or lint. Valerie understood why Alan was afraid of him.
Miss Valerie calmly poured the hot water when suddenly her assistant burst through the door. “Do we have any more tights?” Kimiko asked.
“Eleanor lost hers yesterday and doesn't have another pair.”
“Will her mom pay?”
“She hasn't paid for the last set.”
“Shit, that's the third girl today. Just give her some.”
“My, aren't we generous today, madam.”
“Shut the fuck up and teach the class.” She pushed past Kimiko and greeted Mr. Sales at the door. “Mr. Sales, it's so wonderful to
:iconpraedatorius:praedatorius 235 15
Lionized 1 TF TG by 12-tf
Mature content
Lionized 1 TF TG :icon12-tf:12-tf 1,021 22


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